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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Slieve League - the hidden beauty of county Donegal

Slieve League
County Donegal is one of my favorite parts of Ireland, people are very friendly & helpful over here. If you are planning your holidays in Ireland, don't forget to visit Donegal. There are so many things you can see & visit that one week is not enough to see the whole county.
Do not worry about accommodation because you will have plenty of possibilities from small B&Bs, hostels to 4* hotels. While planning your trip remember to visit the cliffs of Slieve League. People might get confused about names of places written in Gaelic but do not worry because everybody speaks English. Donegal is a part of Ireland where people speak Gaelic to keep the history of Ireland alive.

Coastal road towards to the Slieve League

Let's go back to the trip - this is the map for driving directions from Donegal town, make sure you take the coastal road because you will just love the beautiful panoramas and scenery. Photographers make sure that your batteries are fully charged to be able to take as many pictures as you like. I can assure you that there is so much to see. If planning this trip consider that you will be stopping every 5 minutes. It is nice to stay in Donegal town but I preffered to stay in one of the local villages to be closer to the coast. If you have no car you can use public bus to Donegal and that use the local bus to get to Carrick. That's the village which is the closest to the cliffs.
Plenty of accommodation possibilities again - lodge, hostel, B&Bs or self catering cottages. I don't think I saw a hotel in Carrick town but there might be one somewhere around. You can rent a bike in Carrick and cycle around this area, just remember the hills are very steep.

The lake on the top of the Slieve League
To get to the Slieve league you can either walk the old pilgrimage, drive or cycle. It might seem really long journey to get to the top but once you get there, you will just be amazed. Drive carefully because the roads are narrow and there is lots of sheep around.

Slieve League cliffs
The Slieve League cliffs offers boat trips underneath the cliffs, which must be an amazing experience. I can't wait to go back & try this experience. Local people will be happy to help you so if you get lost, don't be affraid to ask. Have lots of fun!