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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Little day trips around Dublin ...the North side

Clontarf bay walk 

The capital city of Ireland has lots of little hidden places where you see many nice things and easily spend a day having a picnic or walking around & enjoy the atmosphere of Dublin. I love Dublin as much as the west coast so I think it's about time to give you a little bit more info about the metropole. Make sure you have enough time for Dublin while planning your trip.

the ship is going to Dublin port 
I would like to start with North Bull island in Clontarf in Dublin. The bus leaves city centre very often, you can ask the bus driver where to get off. It's also lovely to cycle along the bay side, which  takes about 45 minutes from the city centre. Clontarf  is a coastal suburb on the northside of Dublin, Ireland, located in Dublin 3. It is most famous for giving the name to the Battle of Clontarf in 1014 during which Brian Boru, High King of Ireland defeated the Viking invaders. This battle, which extended to districts over several miles, is seen as marking an end to the Irish-Viking Wars.

Kite surfing on North Bull island beach 
I think this is an ideal destination for families, people with dogs, kite surfers or just to take the granny out on the beach by car. You have to cross a bridge and walk towards to the statue, where the sand dunes and beach start. Ideal picnic place complemented with wooden benches, which offer nice sea view. You can also have a swim if you like, many winter swimmers practice there every day. You can walk really far along the beach. The industrial view is kind of cute, I enjoy it because it's a face of Dublin. I love when the sun sets over there and you see the Pigeon towers getting
darker. The high or low tide have their magic so enjoy!

Howth lighthouse
Another great destination for everybody is Howth. It is on a peninsula of the same name at the north of Dublin Bay. Originally just a small fishing village. You can either take dart or bus from the city centre. I love to take a bus up to Howth summit and walk back along the cliffs of Howth. It's an easy walk and you can do it even with children. Just walk up the hill from Summit Inn and you will get to a parking place, where you can see the map. Plenty of picnic places and space for your children to play. Howth itself has nice pier and a lighthouse. There is lots of shops where you can buy fresh sea food .

The Ireland's eye, where the birds hatch 

Another great day to spend out is to take a boat  to Ireland's Eye island. This is a great chance to observe the life of birds hatching there. If you get lucky you get to see Puffin hunters in action. Remember do not get too close to the birds when their little ones are growing up because they simply don't like it. The boats leave every 30 minutes but only in good weather, so check it before you go. I hope that these tips will make your days here in Dublin and you will enjoy your stay in the capital. Good luck
Puffin hunters hatching

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