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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Grand Canal Dublin walk - beautiful summer day tips

Summer day tips - what to do on a hot summer afternoon.
I haven't been here for a while, but there we go! Back on-line, full of ideas, lots of pictures taken, so plenty of things to document and to share.
Summer in Dublin is warm again so I decided to give you some of my half a day trips tips.
I have lived in the South side for a long time and I consider  the Grand Canal as a great location. Many people enjoy this area and it is surrounded by great beer gardens where you can refresh yourself. You can either walk or cycle along. Decide yourself where you want to start.  

The Grand Canal, Portobello Dublin

I like to start the walk on Luas station Suir Road. This is the link to my map. It is easily accessible from city centre of Dublin by Luas, or Bus. One of the city bikes stations is nearby the Hilton hotel so that you can even rent a bike and there are plenty of city bike stations on the way. When you start at Suir Road just follow the Canal. There is a nice path leading by full of dog walkers and joggers. The walk is very easy so you can also take children.

Kayaking on the canal
Little newborns

Rent a kayak or feed the ducklings, swans and other birds. When feeding the birds make sure you only give them proper food. The Kayaks are to be rented in Portobello harbor or on Grand Canal dock and they are around €10 per hour. Just check before you go. It's great fun.

Now list of some great beer gardens and fine dining places for refreshment.  Portobello is in the middle of the walk so let's start here.  The Locks brasserie and The Table restaurant  located just on the harbor offer great meal and wine selections. Both restaurants are very close to each other with different menu offers seem to be quite busy. 
Just while crossing the Portobello bridge  you get to Portobello pub, just turn left and walk along the road to 3. The Bernard Shaw pub and sit in great beer garden and have a great pizza in there. Best coffee around during the day. 
The Barge  is a place to stop just down the road. Get back to the canal and continue walking towards the Charlemont bridge. The Barge is great in the summer, the area outside is constantly jammed with people so it has a great ambiance and they serve great pints of the local "black gold" in there. 

The Grand Canal Dock
After a little refreshment continue walking along the canal and enjoy the rest of your walk towards The Grand Canal Dock.  Lower Baggot street leads you towards Ballsbridge, where you can just enjoy the architecture around and continue walking through the heart of Dublin. The Grand Canal Dock is a great location to explore with the great bridges and the other docklands around. Many festivals take place in the Docklands every year. The Board Gais theatre offers great plays and shows. Perfect place for night photographs as well.

Full moon in the Grand Canal 

Beautiful piece of natural art, Dublin Ballsbridge