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I have moved to Ireland five years ago from the Czech republic and I am so loving this country. Join me for discoveries of all these beautiful places

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Dingle peninsula

Connor pass from above

Dingle peninsula is situated in county Kerry. Make sure you won't miss it when discovering Ireland.

Dingle peninsula coastline

Dingle is well known for its stunning panoramic views. Dingle town itself is full of little craft shops, lots of bars, supermarkets and restaurants. Accommodation should not be a problem because there is lots of B&Bs, hostels or hotels around. You can get to Dingle by car or public transport. There is even a public bus operating on the peninsula, which gets you where you need.  It is possible to rent bikes in Dingle town and enjoy the beauty of this place on the bike. Hiking is great, because the Dingle mountains are full of great hiking spots. You can also take a drive around the ring of Dingle.               
Blasket island beach

Another possibility how to spend a day around is to take a ferry to the Blasket islands and enjoy a day there. Remember there is no shelter so make sure you are ready for rain. The ferry takes about 45 minutes to get there and I am sure you will be surprised.

Wild seals running back to the sea

 Your ferry will probably be accompanied by the local dolphin called Fungi. Once you get to the island , you might get lucky and see sunbathing seals on the sand. The islands have a beautiful coastline which is worth seeing. I am sure everybody who loves wild nature will love this place. You can hike around the island or just enjoy the beach or have a picnic over there. You will be told what time does the boat leave so don't miss it and enjoy!

My last tip for what to see around is Connor pass - an amazing part of Dingle peniscula. Just a little map in a case you will have trouble finding it. Just drive up the road and view the stunning panoramas.

Connor pass
You can  walk up there as well, the hike is quite demanding but worth climbing the hill. I am sure you will fall in love with this piece of Ireland because it is very magic. 

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