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I have moved to Ireland five years ago from the Czech republic and I am so loving this country. Join me for discoveries of all these beautiful places

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Donegal - Aranmore island

View on Aranmore islands on the way back to the port

County Donegal is a very special place on Mother Earth, I could easily imagine a part of Lord of the rings being filmed there.

Walking about 15 min from the cottage along the lakes

 First time I went to this area It was to Dungloe town and we were warmly  welcomed by the owner of this lovely cottage. The place is just groovy cottage with a lovely kitchen, which is fully equipped for cooking. The shower & bath are nice as well. Bedrooms fit four to five people and are very comfortable. Christina's hospitality is amazing so I fully recommend her services.

Dungloe town is a cute little place which has brilliant bars,good restaurant, shops and supermarkets. You can get to Dungloe town by public transport or by car. Check Bus Eirann for connection.

Aranmore island cliffs

Aranmore island is a really nice place to visit. Take the ferry from Burtonport and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of The Aranmore island. There is plenty of accommodation possibilities. The local night club provides fun till very late.
Beach by the bar

Great hiking or cycling possibilities. Unfortunately it is impossible to rent bicycles in this area, so bring your own. You can also hike or rent a local taxi driver. The hike is amazing & so must be the cycle. Just walk up the hill, pass the village & all you need is great weather. The island is full of glacial lakes, sheep and the coastline is stunning. Enjoy the beautiful panoramas and don't forget to try the local bar with a view on the ocean.