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Saturday, 15 March 2014

DIY - St. Patrick's earrings

Happy St. Patrick's day everybody!

As I am so excited about my first St. Patrick's day off I decided to make these earrings. 

This is a small tutorial for these earrings to make at home. 

What will you need 

Beads of three colors or just green looks great as well. 

Pliers, wire and earring hooks.

Cut two pieces of wire about 25 centimeters long and make a knot at one end.

Twist one ending of the wire into the shape of the first shamrock leaf. 
Make sure you have some loose wire left to be able to twist the wire around. 

Make a second shamrock leaf. 

And the third one with some beads left for the hanger.

Add hangers and enjoy! 

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